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The ZIPmouse pet stores web directory features links to pet stores and services, including pet grooming and pet insurance, as well as pet supply stores selling pet food, toys, and clothes:

  • Cats – Whether you want to buy specialty cat toys online or are looking for a better litter solution, shop these cat-specific pet stores for all your cat’s needs.
  • Dogs – From dog beds and clothes to the best in dog toys, shop these dog-specific pet stores for your furry friend’s supplies.
  • Fish & Aquarium – Looking for exotic fish or just want a better aquarium for the fish you have? Shop these fish-specific online pet stores and suppliers for your aquatic friends.
  • Pet Art – Commission a portrait of you favorite pet or buy gifts and clothing of your favorite breed. This section of pet stores is for pet and art lover in all of us.
  • Pet Beds – Shop the online pet stores for the best deals in pet beds, or simply find a supplier near you that sells the pet beds you like. You can buy pet beds direct and save.
  • Pet Clothes – Shop the online pet stores for the best deals in pet clothes. You can buy pet clothes and supplies direct and save.
  • Pet Clubs– Use this web directory to find the pet club for you. From the American Kennel Club to the Pet Club of America, you’ll find the pet club you are looking for here.
  • Pet Gifts– From personalized gifts for dogs and cats to clothes and trinkets for your pets, you’ll find pet stores here that specialize in pet gifts and toys.
  • Pet Grooming – Are you looking to learn how to be a pet groomer or do you want to find a pet store near you that will groom your animal? You’ll find everything you need in this web directory of pet stores and grooming services.
  • Pet Insurance– Shop here for the latest in pet insurance. Consider buying pet insurance when you have multiple pets; pet insurance is the latest trend in healthcare!
  • Pet Magazines – From this pet stores section, you’ll find magazines related to pets of all kinds.
  • Pet Medicine – Shop these pet stores and suppliers for pet medicine. Buying pet medicine online direct can often save you money.
  • Pet Stores – Whether you want to buy online from these pet stores or find a pet store near you, this pet store section lists the big chains as well as the specialty shops for all things pet-related, including services such as grooming.
  • Pet Training – From underground wire fences for your dog to videos and DVDs about training your cat, you can shop this section of pet stores for your entire pet training needs.
  • Pet Supplies & Toys – Find pet food, supplies, and specialty toys from this section of pet stores. A great way to buy pet food direct and save.

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