ZIPmouse Partners with Intrapromote

CINCINNATI, OH -- January 30, 2006 -- ZIPmouse LLC, a leading Internet Directory company, today announced a strategic partnership with Intrapromote LLC. Intrapromote, a premier search engine optimization company, will be managing an aggressive ZIPmouse initiative to become the directory-of-choice through highly competitive and topic-precise rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

“After an exhaustive search, we felt Intrapromote had the experience, expertise and infrastructure to quickly get ZIPmouse and its advertisers the exposure it requires,” said Keith Lawrence, President of ZIPmouse. “ZIPmouse was carefully designed to be the easiest tool on the Internet for finding information. Intrapromote is going to help us reach more and more users who are frustrated by the Internet.”

ZIPmouse is a unique Web experience. It was built by both users and advertisers over four years to solve numerous problems on the Internet today. The patent-pending ZIPmouse interface design and navigation process is unlike anything on the Web today as it ensures speedy pin-point relevancy for the user and unprecedented click-quality for the advertiser. For a website this distinct, ZIPmouse required a search engine optimization partner experienced at highly customized and effective solutions. Enter Intrapromote.

“At Intrapromote, our business is all about delivering high-level custom solutions for all types of web sites who desire visibility on search engines,” said James Gunn, Intrapromote’s Senior Campaign Director. “ZIPmouse represents a total solution for Internet users and advertisers. Intrapromote looks forward to exposing ZIPmouse to the masses through our unique four-phase methodology.”

Ed Estes, ZIPmouse’s CTO, sees the partnership with Intrapromote not only accelerating the company’s overall growth, but Intrapromote’s horsepower will give ZIPmouse advertisers even more incentive to secure their directory location now.

“The more users are exposed to ZIPmouse, the more they’re going to see just how easy navigating the Internet can be,” said Estes. “Our directory represents exactly what all advertisers desire; a locked position in a system purposely designed to drive consumers straight to them.”

About ZIPmouse LLC

Founded in 2001, ZIPmouse is an Ohio Limited Liability Company headquartered in Cincinnati. A leading Internet directory company, ZIPmouse’s primary product is a unique, patent-pending user interface that allows users to quickly and easily find products, services and information online. ZIPmouse also provides a cost-effective and measurable way for advertisers to reach online users and attract visitors to their websites.

About Intrapromote LLC

Intrapromote LLC was created in 1999 as a consortium of consultants in search engine marketing, online and offline marketing, programming, and publishing. During the last 8 years, Intrapromote has gained thousands of top search engine placements for some of the world's biggest companies and brands. A full-service, best practices search engine marketing firm, Intrapromote services include organic search engine optimization, link building, online publicity, paid search, consulting, and blog marketing. More about Intrapromote: More about search engine marketing:

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