ZIPmouse Aims to Uniquely Organize Web

Company’s innovative interface offers Internet users and advertisers the chance to see and be seen like never before

CINCINNATI, OH -- September 6, 2005 -- ZIPmouse LLC, a leading interface design company, today announced the launch of its new website, The website, four years in the making, is designed to bring users, advertisers and information together in a seamless framework. That seamless framework is created by the unique ZIPmouse interface design.

"Any user at any level can effectively use ZIPmouse," said Keith Lawrence, President of ZIPmouse. "The experience we've created is so incredibly simple and efficient; users quickly feel empowered when using ZIPmouse."

The company stresses that ZIPmouse is not a search engine. The ZIPmouse taxonomy (orderly classification system) is organized into layers of logical categories that users can quickly navigate with just a few clicks of their mouse.The uncluttered and intuitive interface is maintained through every level of the ZIPmouse taxonomy structure - providing consistency and familiarity to users.

"That's the beauty of ZIPmouse; it utilizes one consistent interface and one consistent function," said Ed Estes, CTO of ZIPmouse. "Users master our system in a matter of seconds because the experience is the same no matter what you're looking for."

ZIPmouse is fundamentally different from existing online directories. Most directories have a flexible category system that adapts to the information indexed. Ultimately, this method of organization becomes disorganized as it succumbs to the individual demands of an enormous number of websites. The ZIPmouse taxonomy follows a rigid set of rules and organization methods that stay fixed, regardless of the amount of information it indexes.

Specific Benefits for ZIPmouse Users:

  • Results are always accurate and never irrelevant
  • 5 pages of search engine results fit inside the ZIPmouse interface - eliminating scrolling
  • Simple interface allows ANY user to get successful results
  • No annoying pop-up ads
  • Kid safe - No adult material is available
  • No typing - Spelling is never a problem
  • No thinking - Users don't have to "think" of keywords

The advertising program ZIPmouse utilizes is also fundamentally different from existing online directories and search engines.

"Most online businesses offer a service to users and then attempt to make money by selling advertising space," said Lawrence. "This generally results in ineffective advertising and annoyed users. With ZIPmouse, the service and advertising are indistinguishable from each other."

Specific Benefits for ZIPmouse Advertisers:

  • Straightforward advertising model that businesses understand
  • Simple fixed advertising rates instead of auction pricing
  • Fixed position instead of a fluctuating rank
  • Multiple tiers and price points to meet advertisers' exposure and budgetary needs
  • Eliminates the need for search engine optimization
  • No guesswork about which keywords are used to locate advertisers
  • "Click-Fraud" is not an issue because there is no pay-per-click system

How many websites does ZIPmouse feature in its taxonomy?
Currently, ZIPmouse features more than 5,000 logically placed websites. That number continually increases as we add more interface layers to the taxonomy.

What is an interface layer?
ZIPmouse begins generally for the user. Once a topic is chosen, ZIPmouse enables the user to explore that topic in more detail.

For example, a user selects to Zip to Shop choosing Home & Garden. The first interface layer represents the Home & Garden industry in very general terms. The user Zips to Topic choosing Home Improvement; five websites are highlighted. The user then decides to explore Home Improvement in more detail by clicking More Home Improvement Stuff. A second interface layer is presented breaking down Home Improvement into detailed topics like Cabinets, Flooring, Painting and Plumbing. The user can explore any of these topics in even further detail going to a third interface layer and so on.

Interface layering enables ZIPmouse to amass and organize an infinite number of websites. The bigger ZIPmouse gets, the better it gets.

Is ZIPmouse designed to replace traditional search engines?
"Absolutely not," said Estes. "Search engines like Google are exceptional tools. However, search engines are not for every user or every business with a website." Estes added, "ZIPmouse is an ideal place for users to start their search."

About ZIPmouse LLC

Founded in 2001, ZIPmouse is an Ohio Limited Liability Company headquartered in Cincinnati. A leading interface design company whose primary product is a unique, patent-pending taxonomy interface that allows users to quickly and easily find products, services and information online. ZIPmouse also provides a cost-effective and measurable way for advertisers to reach online users and attract visitors to their websites.

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