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The ZIPmouse web directory consists of hundreds (and eventually thousands) of content pages consisting of 50 listings/advertisers on each page in three distinct sections – Zip to Info, Zip to Shop, and Zip to City. The mission of ZIPmouse is to create and maintain a unique and highly useable directory that keeps visitors coming back over and over. It is not our plan to build an internal sales force, but instead we are building a network of resellers/partners that sell listings/advertising on ZIPmouse. We are looking for partners to “own” exclusive sales rights to distinct sub-sections in our directory (such as New York in Zip to City, Healthcare in Zip to Info, or Auto and Boat in Zip to Shop). That sub-section of our directory will be co-branded with our partner providing visibility for our partner and links to its website.

What Kind of Partnerships is ZIPmouse looking for?

ZIPmouse desires to rapidly expand the number of cities in its directory and the depth of listings within each city, and the depth and quality of information and shopping destinations on the site through a network of resellers/partners. ZIPmouse will establish exclusive partnerships (for specific cities and/or categories) with companies with highly effective sales forces currently selling advertising to local and national businesses in that city/category. This partnership could be with a network television station, a local radio station, a group of stations in a city owned by the same company, a city magazine, other print media, a catalog provider, a medical institution, or any other business currently selling advertising in relevant categories. In this partnership, ZIPmouse would:

  • Provide all technical services for building and hosting the Directory
  • Provide immediate leads via the initial listings in the Directory
  • Co-brand that section with its partner
  • Provide new leads to the partner/reseller via inquiries that are received directly from the ZIPmouse website via an “Advertise Form”
  • Promote the site on a national basis
  • Provide pre-sales support and marketing materials to its partner’s sales force
  • Provide quarterly metrics regarding traffic volume to the site and each advertisers site

At the same time, the partner would:

  • Provide an existing sales force to sell advertising on
  • Present advertising opportunities on ZIPmouse to local businesses and close that business
  • Promote ZIPmouse to its constituents

What Kind of Partnerships is ZIPmouse looking for?

There is significant value in this relationship including:

  • A significant source of Non-Traditional Revenue will be generated – Our partners sell the advertising space on and an appropriate split of the fee is agreed to between ZIPmouse and you. There could be 1,500 advertisers in each city section and similar numbers in shopping and information categories
  • Our partner would be given exclusive sales rights for the city/category that they sell in.
  • A city partner can become the primary source for local search in their marketplace
  • Doors would be opened to new advertisers who might eventually advertise via your traditional offerings
  • Value-added services can be offered to existing advertisers (internet advertising in a high quality directory)
  • You will participate in the fastest growing segment of advertising (internet advertising)
  • A media partner can create new on-air content and promotions

Well, I hope you are now ready to partner with ZIPmouse. The link below provides more detail regarding this opportunity and describes ZIPmouse in much greater detail.

ZIPmouse Media Partnerships

For more information, please contact Steve Wuest, Director of Partner Development, at 513-715-0397 or send him an email at


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