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The ZIPmouse Health and Medical Resources web directory features links to prominent medical- and health-related web sites in the following sub-categories:

  • Children's Health - Sites discussing how to keep kids healthy from birth, as well as deal with disabilities, disease, and illness.
  • Disease Information - Comprehensive medical information for diseases ranging from HIV/AIDS to cancer and heart disease, as well as resources for care givers.
  • First Aid - Resources to help you know what to do the moment an emergency occurs.
  • Fitness - Become and stay healthy with information representing many different fitness levels.
  • Health Care - For medical professionals of all types, as well as patients and family and friends of those needing health care.
  • Medical Directories - Resources to help you become and stay aware of the terms and concepts used in health care and the medical industry.
  • Men's Health - Devoted to male-based medicine, including information about prostate health and reproductive issues.
  • Mental Health - Covering both traditional and alternative approaches to dealing with the many issues of mental health.
  • Nutrition - Stay current with nutrition news and theory with sites devoted to eating healthy.
  • Research & Technology - Resources to show you what's new in medicine and health care.
  • Sports Medicine - Understand the unique issues faced by the athlete with these seminal sites devoted to sports medicine.
  • Women's Health - A wealth of female-medicine-centered sites, with information from pediatrics to fertility to menopause.

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