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U.S. Government Information and Resources - from ZIPmouse

The ZIPmouse U.S. Government web directory features links to prominent private and governmental web sites in the following sub-categories:

  • Activism - Find out what you can do to support the causes that matter.
  • Civic Participation - Learn the importance of civic duty and how to take part.
  • Countries & Government - Links to the federal web sites of countries across the globe.
  • Embassies & Consulates - Find out locations and policies of embassies throughout the world.
  • Intelligence - Government intel information from official and not-so-official resources.
  • Lobbying - Resources to help you learn your way around political lobbying.
  • Military - Extensive web directory of both official military sites as well as ways to help families connect and learn information about their friends and relatives in service.
  • Politics - Historical and current information about major and minor political parties.
  • Statistics - Directory of web sites showing domestic and worldwide stats covering jobs and labor, population, and educational figures.
  • Tax - Find out how to figure your taxes accurately as well as lobby for change to the tax code.
  • U.S. Government - Apply for grants, learn the history of the U.S. Government, and view the sites of specific governmental offices.

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