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The ZIPmouse Education web directory features links to prominent resources in the following educational sub-categories:

  • Academic Competitions - Put your education to the test as you discover the many ways to compete.
  • Bilingual - Focusing on linguistics information and promoting the benefits of bilingual educational structures.
  • Early Childhood - Resources for teachers, parents, researchers, and administrators of early childhood programs and practice.
  • Home Schooling - A comprehensive web directory of home schooling resources, from curriculum planning to religion and technology.
  • Instructional Technology - Resources to help you learn what's new in technological learning solutions.
  • Life Skills - Putting learning into practice, these resources offer information about learning by doing.
  • News - Current information about education, for teachers, parents, administrators, and students.
  • Scholarships/Financial Aid - A comprehensive resource directory about grants, scholarships, and other educational aid.
  • Special Education - Covering all aspects of special education, from legal resources to teaching aids.
  • Subjects - Resources covering the academic spectrum: What to teach, how to teach it effectively.
  • Teaching Resources - From lesson plans to national statistics about educational trends, a helpful directory of teaching resource web sites.

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