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Philadelphia Pennsylvania City Profile

Founded in 1682 by Quaker William Penn, Philadelphia is the fifth most populous city in the US and one of the oldest and historically important cities during the birth and growth of the country. Philadelphia was an important center during the war of Independence from the British—the declaration of independence and the US constitution were both drafted and signed in Philadelphia's Independence Hall. Tourist events often center on the critical role the city played during the revolutionary war.

In terms of tourism, Philadelphia hosts many yearly fairs and events, including the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Philadelphia Film Festival, and the Philadelphia Antiques Show. Many people, tourists and residents alike, think Philadelphia's cuisine and restaurants are second only to New York City in terms of variety and quality. Notable museums include the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum, and the Academy of Natural Sciences. Hotels range from historic and traditional to more modern chains.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Facts at a Glance:

  • Notable residents throughout history include Ben Franklin, writer Edgar Allen Poe, singer Patti LaBelle, comedian Bill Cosby, SNL's Tina Fey, and film director M. Night Shyamalan.
  • Philadelphia claims a long and proud history of professional sports teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles (football), the Philadelphia Phillies (baseball), and the Philadelphia 76ers (basketball).
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