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Denver Colorado City Profile

Denver, called the "mile-high city," is the capital of Colorado and the largest city in the state. Its economic roots lie in energy and mining, which are still important industries today. Its location in the west-central US makes it a attractive place for the telecommunication industry, by allowing communication with both North American coasts, South America, Europe, and Asia in the same business day. Attractions in Denver are many and varied, including 16th Street Mall, full of restaurants, shops, and residential real estate, Denver's Downtown Aquarium, the Denver Art Museum, Red Rocks, a Denver-owned outdoor amphitheatre, and Tattered Cover, an independent bookstore, to name a few.

Denver Colorado Facts at a Glance:

  • Denver was an important place for the "beat generation." Neal Cassady was raised on Larimer Street in Denver, and part of Jack Kerouac's masterpiece "On the Road" takes place in the city, and is based on the beat's experiences in Denver during a road trip. Beat poet Allen Ginsberg also lived for a time in a Denver suburb.
  • Considered a progressive city in terms of politics, Denver has long been ruled by Democrats. In 2005, Denver was the first US city to legalize private use of marijuana of less than an ounce for adults 21 and over.
  • Area: 155 square miles.
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