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Baton-Rouge Louisiana City Profile

Located on the Mississippi River, the thriving city of Baton-Rouge Louisiana represents the best of Louisiana's lively culture, including a variety of restaurants and other entertainment. Baton-Rouge is home to both LSU and Southern University and numerous businesses and industrial facilities. Known for its great people, its unique food and restaurants, and its lively music, "Red Stick" has something for everyone.

Baton-Rouge Louisiana Facts at a Glance:

  • Baton-Rouge means "red stick" in French, and was established around 1700 by French-Canadians traveling down the Mississippi river
  • As of the 2004 census, Baton-Rouge, the capital of Louisiana, has a city population of about 227,000. Because of the damage Hurricane Katrina inflicted on New Orleans, Baton-Rouge is currently the largest city in Louisiana
  • Area: 79 square miles
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