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The Internet is now the place to be seen and it’s changing the way businesses advertise. Millions of consumers surf the Internet every day looking for information, products and services. Search engine technology enables consumers to harvest billions of web pages in an instant. However, search engines are not for every consumer. What’s more, search engine advertising is not for every business with a website.

With more than 8 billion web pages on the Internet today, studies show that even the most search-savvy consumers often struggle finding relevant websites. For the average search engine advertiser, finding available space is becoming increasingly difficult, labor-intensive and expensive.

Search engines and its advertisers also now encounter increasing Click-Fraud. Click-Fraud is when someone clicks on a search ad with ill intent. A fraudulent clicker can exploit the way search ads work to rack up fees for a business rival, boost the placement of their own search ads or make money for themselves. Some websites even employ software that automatically clicks on search ads multiple times.

Why advertise on ZIPmouse?

Consumers love it and the word is out!


How is advertising on ZIPmouse different from search engines?

First, ZIPmouse is not a search engine. It is a custom-built interface and taxonomy purposely designed to do two things:

1. Enable consumers to FIND relevant / quality websites
2. Enable advertisers to be FOUND by consumers

Second, ZIPmouse does not employ any type of pay-per-click, ranking or auction programs. So, there is no chance that your website will fall victim to Click-Fraud. ZIPmouse utilizes a very simple, direct and inexpensive advertising system. ZIPmouse allows you to place your website in the exact location that consumers would expect to find you. Your monthly cost is fixed. Simply pay the fee and you’re done.

Online ads grow 26 percent

Internet continues to outpace television & radio!


How much traffic can I expect from my ZIPmouse location?

Our expertise is Internet advertising. We’ve developed a total marketing system specifically designed to expose ZIPmouse to the Internet’s consumer masses. Currently, ZIPmouse is accumulating more and more Internet traffic from all over the world. We expect this traffic to continually increase as media coverage spreads and our hyper-simple interface gains acceptance and adoption by consumers.

Initial traffic via ZIPmouse will be moderate for some advertisers. We recommend not focusing solely on traffic in making your decision to advertise on ZIPmouse. Rather, think of it as securing prime Internet real estate for your website. Soon, everyone in your industry will be vying for limited positions on ZIPmouse. Grab your spot before your competition does!

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds given after an ad is placed.


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