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ZIPmouse LLC was founded in 2001. is an Internet taxonomy designed to help users find websites quickly and easily. ZIPmouse also simplifies the process of online advertising for companies interested in driving traffic to their websites. The unique, patent-pending ZIPmouse interface is extremely easy to use and is built on a solid, logical structure that allows users to quickly locate information within the ZIPmouse taxonomy.

ZIPmouse is not a search engine. By providing a superior user experience, ZIPmouse will succeed where search engines have fallen short. The ZIPmouse taxonomy is organized into layers of logical categories that users can quickly navigate with just a few clicks of their mouse. The uncluttered and intuitive interface is maintained through every level of the ZIPmouse taxonomy structure – providing consistency and familiarity to users. ZIPmouse is fundamentally different from existing online directories. Most directories have a flexible category system that adapts to the information indexed. Ultimately, this method of organization becomes disorganized as it succumbs to the individual demands of an enormous number of websites. The ZIPmouse system follows a rigid set of rules and organization methods that stay fixed, regardless of the information it indexes.

Benefits for ZIPmouse Users

  • Results are always accurate and never irrelevant
  • 5 pages of typical search engine results fit onto one ZIPmouse screen - eliminating scrolling
  • Simple interface allows ANY user to get successful results
  • No frustrating pop-up ads on ZIPmouse
  • Kid Safe - No adult material is available through ZIPmouse
  • No typing - Spelling is never a problem using ZIPmouse
  • No thinking - Users don’t have to “think” of keywords

Most online businesses offer a service to users and then attempt to make money by selling advertising space. This generally results in ineffective advertising and annoyed users. ZIPmouse has taken a fundamentally different approach. With ZIPmouse, the service and advertising are indistinguishable from each other. ZIPmouse has combined Internet advertising with an interface so intuitive that 77% of users tested prefer finding information on it over search engines. ZIPmouse also meets the needs of advertisers by charging a simple, flat rate instead of using complicated “pay-per-click” or keyword marketing programs. ZIPmouse is both user-friendly and advertiser-friendly.

Benefits for ZIPmouse Advertisers

  • Straightforward advertising model that businesses understand
  • ZIPmouse uses simple fixed advertising rates instead of auction pricing
  • ZIPmouse gives advertisers a fixed position instead of a fluctuating rank
  • ZIPmouse offers multiple tiers and price points to meet advertisers’ exposure and budgetary needs
  • ZIPmouse eliminates the need for search engine optimization
  • There is no guesswork about which keywords are used to locate advertisers
  • "Click-Fraud" is not an issue since there is no pay-per-click system
  • ZIPmouse is an affordable online marketing alternative to search engines


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